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Upgrading his performance to theatre, he joined the Elizabethan Theatre Trust at Strafford-Upon-Avon, where he trained at directing and began producing dance theatre to performances at Singapore’s Victoria Theatre and the Putra Theatre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .

He approached the Brisbane City Council (BCC)and received the endorsement of Councillor Hon.

Leong Lau’s music of infinite love, both erotic and spiritual, earthy and transcendent, revealing euphoria in realism of practical living as in “City Bleus, like dust on my shoes”, has changed many minds and many lives.

Church choir singing, classical piano training in childhood, and his band which played early Ventures, Beatles and Rolling Stones songs, he grew up with extravagant repressions; and with precocious talent, he learned and created as he wished, an uninhibited adventurer who always knew the enticements of music, especially by those loved the psychedelic undertones of the 1960’s and 1970’s .

Long before the public woke up to the worldwide ecological crisis, Leong Lau was a leader on conservation of species, for he loved nature un reservedly, as in “Nature Reincarnate”.

His work from beginning to end embodies a contemplative way of interacting with people.

He returned to Australia, choreographed the theatre performance at the Sydney Chinatown Mall Opening, where his compositions were played by members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted by him.

He is a contemplative artist in musical expressions beyond known horizons, a lyricist of love and nature, an excellent instrumentalist of many wind, reed, strings and horn instruments; passionate on the natural symphonies of the wind, birds, water, and other sounds of the universe, which he weaves into a harmonyof multiple textures, a veritable expression of the soul in his sincerity, an erudite exponent and multicultural paragon of humanity.

Befriending many poets, thinkers, artists, musicians, journalists, workers, feminists, priests, nuns, prostitutes, politicians, bankers, dancers, and fellow-composers, he planned his performances from a kind of worldly competence unique among musicians, perhaps his studies in engineering helped in the technology support, which made his performances memorable.

He collaborated with musicians all over the world, assisted many before they became famous, and supported small groups with some of his finest work, like “Deep in the Jungle”, while at the same time being humble to accolades made extensively by audiences wherever he performed.

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Leong Lau lived many lives in the avant-garde of six decades–first in Malaysia as a precocious musician, dancer, impressionist painter, and self-taught poet of nature with ten years in a Christian mission school; then in Australia as an engineering student, an itinerant Chinaman, musician, and cycling naturalist committed to the protection of the planet long before ecology became a popular concern.

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