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Christian is owned by Spark Networks Inc., which bases itself out of California.The state of California has something called the “Unruh Civil Rights Act” which essentially dictates that any business has to accommodate anyone at any time, even if it violates your religious beliefs.The site holds to Christian beliefs that relationships should occur between a man and a woman.The choices reflect that by not giving you the option of seeking a male if you’re a male, or female if you are female.The only person I’ve seen attempt to get Muslim bakeries to do anything was Steven Crowder, and he was just trying to prove a point.

So, because there’s a demand for it, married dating services do exist.Rather than the worry that one partner will expect more from the relationship than the other can provide, dating sites for cheaters create an honest atmosphere (at least between the two people who meet). I found that the vast majority of men are simply looking for sex, while most women are on there because they are lacking a connection in their existing relationship (see more).Here’s my rundown of the best 5 in this category: Men outnumber women. There are plenty of opportunities for those men who show that they want to connect with women on a more intimate level than simply having a quick “one nighter”. Unlike other sites that charge a monthly or quarterly subscription, Ashley Madison allows members to control what they use and when with a credit system.Well, since they can’t force people to bake the damn cake, at least they can force their will on other things, as LGBT activists turned their crosshairs from bakeries and pastries, to dating sites.Christian is an online dating service centered around a clientele that is…well, Christian.

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