Dating scams new zealand

A 'job' is listed on an employment website or emailed to you, requiring you to simply accept money transfers into your bank account, then forward the money on to a company based overseas. The money is almost always from another New Zealand bank account, and is transferred to your account without the account holder's knowledge or permission.

It's likely the account holder has been the victim of a phishing scam or had some type of malicious spyware installed on their computer.

I dealt with the betrayal, the whole set up while I was in prison.

If I had made it to London and the authorities hadn’t got to me, I may not even be here.

Several months into their relationship, the scammer asked if Armstrong could travel to Buenos Aires, pick up a contract from a local company, and deliver it to him in London.

Armstrong researched the company and determined it was legitimate.

As Armstrong told "He talked about our future together. When my computer was later analyzed they found more than 7000 emails. There was always an excuse for why he couldn’t Skype.

A common online trading scam involves criminals based overseas using fake traveller's cheques, bank drafts or foreign cheques to pay for an item that you are selling online.Usually, they'll ask you to send money to pay for airfares for them to visit you, or to help them out of a sticky situation while they’re travelling, or they'll send you a fraudulent international cheque, and ask you to cash it and send the money back to them.If you do this and the cheque dishonours, you'll be liable to pay for it.On Wednesday, Sharon Armstrong, 59, recounted her story at a Queensland University of Technology symposium on the reality of romance fraud.It all started several years ago when Armstrong signed up for an online dating site, met a guy, and "fell hard and fast" in her words.

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The woman was arrested and ended up spending the next two and a half years in an Argentinian prison.

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