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Stories, which laced with racial stereotypes, were told continuously that they became truth.

Those "stories" tell of black men leaving their women, and of black men being promiscuous and violent. While problematic, my parents' thinking was the thinking of their time.

Take the segregation and gang rivalry in Los Angeles or the hate crimes in southern states, like Texas and Atlanta.

This past April, a Hispanic father attacked his 14-year-old daughter after she chose a 15-year-old black guy as her dancing partner for a pre-quinceañera party.

ran on Gawker earlier this month we received hundreds of comments and emails objecting to, agreeing with, or otherwise responding to Baker.

This week, we're publishing some of those responses as part of a conversation about race and relationships.

Thirteen years of dating boys outside my race and it took sitting down to write this essay to have the first, real conversation with my parents about interracial dating.

I used to say I didn't have a type, but if we go off consistency, I do.

The majority of what my parents know about other races they've learned through media or second-hand stories.Both minorities have been reported to confront more than cooperate in certain areas; reports have pinpointed competition for jobs as a factor.What's crazy to me is that both groups, Mexicans and blacks, have been marginalized historically, and dealt with levels of oppression by systems, yet tension is between individuals.In Georgia—where the Hispanic population has increased 130 percent from 1980 to 1995, and became the third largest state with migrating Hispanics and Latinos—there's been numerous hate crimes between Hispanics and blacks.In the fall of 2005, six Mexican immigrants were murdered when a group of black guys attempted to rob trailer parks known to house immigrant workers.

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And, really, it roots deeper than my parents, my grandparents, and their parents before them.

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