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Afterwards, the language was found to be the very same language spoken by the Mende of West Africa.

THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN OLMEC RELIGIONS AND WEST AFRICAN RELIGIONSOne of the most important connections made to show that the Olmecs were West Africans is the very strong similarities in race between the Olmecs and West Africans and the ancient Nubians.

They used the Mende script to write and they spoke the Mende language, the same language spoken by Cinque in the movie 'Amistad'.

There were many speculations as to why they have African features, but no one could agree on a theory, and African American scholars like Dr.

In fact, during a scientific conference held years ago, West African scientists identified Olmec artworkd and representations of Africoid peoples as West African.

The Africans also identified cultural traits such as ear plugs, scarification marks and keloid tatoos on the skin and face, cornrows, braids and tassels and even afro hairstyle as West African.

q=tbn: ANd9Gc QHVO-0e WVRe O9hgq6j BROhi W5LEele GVDPn6j INt ZFBHfeb Qagsg The people who carved these heads would never have taken the time to glorify people who were not in a very high position.

The people represented in the faces of these heads may have led a great dynasty of Black Kings who ruled for more than two thousand years in Mexico and who eventually became absorbed into the Indian population due to mixing.

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Moreover, according to Ivan Van Sertima (African Presene in Early America), giant heads of stone to represent important people in Africa was being done in the present era as well as in ancient Egypt and Nubia. The 22 or more collosal stone heads carved out of solid basalt rock has identifiable Black African in racial features as well as cultural traits like cornrow hairstyle, braids with beads and kinky hair as well as a type of war helmet identified as Nubian have been found carved in Colosal Olmec sculpture connecting them to West Africa and the Egypt/Sudan region.

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