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Kasdorf appeared for a while on Santa Barbara as C. Capwell's (Jed Allen) Southern belle ex-lover who married his enemy Lionel Lockridge (Nicolas Coster).

Her on-screen daughter Jane was a nerdy bookworm by day and a slutty sex maniac by night; her illigetimate black daughter Alice was sired by hunky black boxer Gus Jackson (the actor who played him went on to play Gilly and David Grant's father on Guiding Light).

We should not talk about gutter tramps on this thread. But I just thought I's stop in to say howdy and welcome everyone to this new thread. I just love the slower pace as compared to today's soaps ... Lenore Kasdorf was mesmerising as the languid, bored, perennially self-absorbed Rita ...

love the run-in between her and Holly - no juvenile catfight, just a tense-filled exchange that spoke incredible dislike between the two women ...

Continuing further discussion of the Bauers, the Spauldings, the Reardons, the Coopers, Henry Chamberlain's youthful days as a towel boy for the Springfield Bath House, and the hydraulically reinforced jockstrap that contains Phillip Spaulding's pendulous dong.

But please, no word of that low born gutter tramp[quote]please, no word of that low born gutter tramp I agree.

She used to have a recurring role on B&B in the 90s as the Forrester family lawyer. They brought Justin Marler back in the early 90s but cast Chris Pennock in the role, which always mystified me (why not GL vet O'Rourke? They were originally going to create a Justin-Holly-Ross triangle, but dropped it for some reason. Justin hung around as Sam's over-protective father for a while and then was written out without fanfare.and Maeve Kinkead really was brilliant casting for the part of vampiric Vanessa - she didn't get credit for being just as good as the other bad girls of daytime at the time (Erica, Dorian, Raven) - you can't take your eyes off of her; she was an enticing combination of comic and creepy when she was slithering through Springfield ...r17, Maureen Garrett was at her best during that period - Holly was such a complex character.I always wanted them to delve into her childhood and find out she had been molested by her Roger Thorpesque father Stanley Norris.Blake and Holly were daytime's most fascinating mother-daughter pairing. Keifer gets a mixed response from a lot of fans but I think she took Blake into a more adult space. You have to watch the other GL episodes on YT from the 70s and 80s to get how wonderful Kasdorf was.Sadly, the writing for Blake sucked after around 1994-95. Your threads are always respectful, fun, and often funny! I always thought it was a shame producers didn't bring her back when Roger and Holly were written back in the show.

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I have always been a woman who devours things Like baked potatoes With sour cream And chives…Rita left Ed after having an affair with her ex-boyfriend and went to stay with her mother outside of Springfield; moping around her mother's house for days and getting thoroughly irritated by the old woman's well-meaning gestures of communication, Rita found out she was pregnant after a routine checkup.

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