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What does dating mean to a man

There is no reason any woman reading this right now should still be taking L’s once she’s finished reading it.Typical women think about typical shit because they vibrate at the lowest level, the beta female wants to be an Alpha Female but at the top of her mind on any given day is: . A man sees you as a girl that will be good for a time or a girl that could be good for life.You’re not worried about becoming a Spartan, you’re worried about getting a boy to like you, getting revenge on a boy that played you, or proving some petty point that will make you feel vindicated after being devalued by a man who didn’t give you closure.

Every action he does—in detail, you never put him to the test before dating, during dating, and finally during the relationship.Before I get into the Naïve Test, I want to tell you about Simple Sara, a girl who I was introduced to a few months ago by her cousin. Sara had been celibate for two years for some typical ass reason that I can’t remember.Sara’s question was this: What Does It Mean When a Man Says He Is Looking for Marriage? She was your normal fear based woman who got hurt, took her coochie and decided not to participate in the game of love.As an Alpha you don’t sit waiting to be chose, but all betas do is wait under the cover of uncertainty and thirst.You know how it feels when someone likes you, is acting distant, or is cooling off on you.

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“.” When you stress over a boy that’s giving you clear signs that he isn’t that into you, it isn’t because you’re dumb, it’s because you want so bad to believe that the red flags are only yellow.

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